We specialise in developing leaders and their teams. Having led corporate and entrepreneurial businesses ourselves, we combine strategic acumen and general management practicality with psychological insight.

We achieve a deep understanding of what lies behind a leader’s record and reputation. We lay the foundations for the leader to grow further, and to make the strategic impact the company is looking for.

Outcomes for a company

Outcomes for leaders

Insight into the match between its ambitions and its leaders

Honest Mirror

Understanding of their own true strengths and development needs
Leaders who play to their strengths and grow with the business

Insight and Motivation

More grounded and inspiring confidence in what they can do
Concrete next steps to develop, reshape or renew its leadership

Vision & Action

Concrete next steps to develop and to achieve their potential
More effective leadership
More productive enterprise
Stronger & more integrated growth
More effective individuals
More productive teams
Better results & prospects

Many companies talk about people as their crucial assets. Fewer evaluate their leaders' capability and potential when building strategy, or make developing them integral to execution. Companies that do so can create a continuous improvement cycle that is difficult for competitors to match.

  • Strategy draws on informed insight into leadership capability and potential
  • Developing leaders is integral to strategy and execution
  • Greater leadership capability enables new ambitions & strategy