Here are some situations when it makes good business sense for a company to take a fresh look at its leaders.


  • New opportunities for growth
  • Significant shifts in the market or business models
  • Delivery of strategy looking uncertain
  • Major projects going off track

When there are questions over commercial performance the solutions often require leadership development and may need addressing before much else can improve.


  • Questions over bench strength for expansion
  • Need for succession planning and identifying talent
  • Creaking structures and systems
  • Problems in filling vacant roles

External perspectives and objectivity are particularly valuable in developing or redeploying existing leaders and in recruiting for key roles. 

People Problems

  • Dysfunction in particular teams or areas
  • An underperforming team or key individual
  • Problems with culture and engagement
  • Unexpected resignations

Issues like these invariably relate to leadership and addressing them should be an urgent priority in any well-managed company.