Below are a few comments from people we have worked with....

"Thanks again for a really insightful and thought-provoking afternoon on Friday. It really set me off thinking over the weekend about how I use this feedback to shape out the medium term plan for the XXX and use that to make myself successful in landing that role and driving it forward. It also got me thinking about opportunities I could be pursuing outside of work, perhaps in the political field, as we discussed.”

"I got so much out of our time together, it really helped me work through the cloudy patches and helped to articulate plans, actions and decisions clearly in my mind. It was a real pleasure to have met and worked with you."

"Firstly I wanted to thank you for the two sessions we have had on my profiling and to discuss potential development/next role options. I found both the sessions stimulating and your insights and challenges highly appropriate and insightful. You have also given me quite a lot of food for thought on topics/areas to reflect on (e.g. my motivations) as I go into discussions with HR and *** on my next role. Thank You."

"I approached my bosses (in UK and Europe) about my aspiration for the Director of YYYY role and both were very supportive, although also encouraging me to widen my horizons. I now have a great development plan and I'm getting the most amazing opportunities that will help put me in a good position for my next role, whatever that might be. I'm also delighted to tell you I kept on working with *** and I've managed to get her at last to see her shortcomings and work on them with me. Whereas previously she would have delivered 100% almost at the expense of her team, this year she achieved her 100% with very positive feedback from her team on the coaching and support she's given them. She's made such strides she was rated as 'Exceed' in her performance review. I'd like to thank you for helping me achieve all of this, especially for the fabulous insight you gave me into how I operate."

“It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you last Tuesday in London. I enjoyed the thorough discussion that you directed.   As I think back upon it to see what I learned new about myself, I think your point about the importance of "continuity" to my personality and interests is an observation that I had not considered fully before. I had excellent talks the next 2 days in X Country. In my conversations with ***, he mentioned that my responses were in keeping with the information that you had provided him from our discussion."